not-so-boring touring…

hello all! 

sorry i have been so bad at updating this blog. i’m going to be much better from now on. if not, you all have permission to spread the rumor that i was one of the few kids molested by a nun.

anyways…i am three weeks into the FAKE ID TOUR. the shows have been really fun so far. I’d say my show is about 2/3 old material and 1/3 new. by the end of the tour, i’m hoping that my entire set will be new (and then i can always do old ones for an encore ((assuming that everyone hasn’t left already))). i’m working hard on a new hour of material — one that is a cohesive set made for the stage, rather than an assembly of youtube clips.

so if you think i’ve abandoned youtube, i haven’t. and if you still think that after you just read what i wrote, you’re either illiterate or a dick. and if you’re an illiterate dick, don’t be bitter, lots of people can’t read.

i have so much respect for youtube and so much appreciation for what it’s done for me. i’m a very big fan of a lot of fellow youtubers and i spend a good, or more accurately, a bad 3 hours on it everyday. i will not stop posting videos. i just don’t want people coming to my shows having seen it all online. you know? do you? i knew it. 

also, be looking forward to updates on — i’ve been a little too busy lately, but once i sell the rest of this meth, it’s gonna be a par-tay.

i have a show tonight at alfred university. so i’m cooped up in this tiny hotel. the tv is playing maury and jerry springer marathons. i can barely hear myself think over the women screaming “IT’S YO BABY! IT’S YO BABY! LOOK AT IT’S NAME TAG!” 

i’m looking forward to meeting everyone who comes out to the rest of my shows. i always stick around afterwards to meet anybody who wants to say hi. i don’t like the term “meet n greet.” it’s sounds too old. you do “meet n greets” with the guy who hosts antique roadshow. eff that shiz. excuse me. i’ve got the ebonic plague. hey-o!

alright i need to go, now.

i just wanted to write this little blog to get you all back to speed. more to come!

thanks guys.

you rule.




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    Mr. Bhatnagar refused to divulge the list of secret ingredients that will accompany the lime-rich clay pack except to say that it will 鈥渂e similar to how ladies used to do facials traditionally during the Mughal period.鈥?kate spade The UNSG Ban ki Moon requested the leaders of the both the communities to take conclusive steps towards the final agreement of the Cyprus problem. He said that continuing talks and making it more intensive is not enough.
    Jimenez had nine birdies and a closing bogey to match Mediate at 11-under 133 at Hualalai. Mediate, the first-round leader after a 66, had a bogey-free 67. , Journal Sentinel Inc. All rights reserved.
    Bob Driver is a former columnist for the Clearwater Sun. His e-mail address . Good posture is just as important to those engaged in endurance training as well as daily activities.
    03/18/2015 04:57:43 PM PDTUpdated: kate spade handbags We are making every effort to strengthen the hospitals, including the structural and non-structural aspects, the Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) hospital administration chief, Gunaraj Lohani, told IRIN.
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    鈥淢oreover, national unity is like a shield which protects all of us from expected and unexpected changes and storms. We can avoid all fluctuations by being aware of the importance of preserving national unity, as well as adopting the path of tolerance and deep understanding for what things should be like. As HH the Crown Prince said in his speech, national unity will provide salvation while separation will lead to destruction.鈥?abercrombie CRI: Can you please explain the creativity in traditional Chinese music?Fred: This is exactly what I鈥檓 interested about this panel that I鈥檝e been at this Beijing forum. How do we define the notion of creativity? My view is the Chinese concept of creativity is very different from that of the west. In my presentation, in my paper, I actually argued that creativity or innovation in the western sense has a very short history in China. It came in since the turn of the twentieth century. For about a century or so, when Chinese musicians and music adopted a western way of thinking about art and music, the traditional way of thinking about creativity is very limited in a sense of very Chinese style. For example, if you look at a Chinese painting, you see many Chinese paintings contain the same theme, just mountain, just water, just boat, just cloud. Every painting has those themes, and they even look quite similar. Yet each one of them has a different kind of creativity. The question is in the western creativity meaning, you have to break through or undermine tradition. You have to 鍒涙柊(chu脿ngx墨n), totally new. But in a Chinese sense, creativity is done within the boundary of tradition. This is my understanding from my study looking a Chinese music. The creativity of Chinese music is also working the same way-stay within the boundary of tradition. Yet, since the introduction of western music in China, from the late 19th century to the early 20 century, People are learning the new things since the May 4th, also since the establishment of the national conservatory by Xiao Yongmei in 1927 in Shanghai. You have a new concept of music making and a new concept of what music is, which is mostly based on the west. So Chinese music took on the new direction, which is against the old way of thinking creativity within the boundary of tradition. Now people want to break through the tradition. They want to adopt a western way of doing things. So Chinese music is taking on a new direction since the 1920th, even up to now, in a new way of thinking about creativity. So in another word, we have to take that history or historical energy into consideration in order to give a more meaningful understanding of what creativity is in the modern days. t polo ralph lauren outlet
    Girls basketball: No. 9 Ironwood Ridge takes on undefeated and top-seeded Cienega at Amphitheater at 7 p.m. with a trip to the Division II state semifinals on the line. polo ralph lauren Ladera Ranch Little League player Blake Klassen tops the list of home runs in the league with nine home runs. He is followed by Sean Rhyan who has seven, Danny Tiotuico with three and Jake Ebach, Addison Pearlman, Johnny Giannola and Chase Katafias who each has two. Players with one home run include: Shane Kwon, Jackson Farner, Porter Watson, Cameron Jenkins, Shane Roberson, Jaden Dixon, Cade Martin and Nicholas Kent.

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